Beach House

The beach house is one of our many projects which we feel defines our methodology in design. We take pride with how we are able to efficiently plan and execute our interior design strategies.

The house needed to be redesigned and renovated within a low budget. This was a challenge for us but something which we were ready to tackle.

First we needed to take a look at the entire space. This included the interior and exterior.

The beach house is very well suited to its environment and its architecture invites a lot of natural light. The house has an expansive view to the sea in front and the mountain at the back.

The challenge was the dirty white walls and tired wooden floors upstairs, and the unfinished floors downstairs. The cabinetry is custom made by a local craftsman. Any change or improvement had to be careful and remote from anything standard.

Apart from general updating of the floors and walls, a new colour scheme had to be established. The colour scheme was needed in order to welcome, and keep up with the coolness of the beach, ocean moods.

After the completion of the beach house, our hard work and dedication produced high quality beauty. Our team, which consists of passionate designers, were able to admire their own work.

The natural lighting allowed us to utilise the vibrant energy and create a feeling of openness. Each room has a warm tone, and incorporates a design which invites.

Take a look at our collection of photographs of the new and improved beach house.

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